Benefits For Having a Two-Way Radio in Solera

(Source: Life in Solera, June 2023)  

As mentioned in last month’s article, cellular networks and telephones are crucial to everyday life. Nevertheless, cellular phones are notoriously vulnerable to downtime during inclement weather, natural disasters (wildfires, earthquakes, flooding, tornados), and man-made incidents (energy shortage, corporate dereliction, or civil unrest).

Reliable communication is imperative in emergency situations. With fast connections, longer battery life, and greater durability, two-way radios are the only safe choice in emergencies. In an urgent situation, you can call 9-1-1 for first responder help.  However, during a catastrophic event, your emergency call to 9-1-1 may not be answered in a timely manner (in an emergency, time is not our friend). Your only alternative is to telephone another person for assistance. Cell phones offer limited “one-to-one” conversations or one-to-three at most (conference calls).

Two-way radios, however, will enable you to broadcast a “one-to-many” call for assistance. Instead of wasting time calling one person after another on your phone, the use of a “force multiplier” like a two-way radio will get the attention of a group of potential responders.

This philosophy of contacting many with the push of a button led the Solera Radio Club to put in place a two-way radio system in Solera. Our FCC-licensed radio station will allow residents to reach out to anyone within a five-mile radius; especially since our radio station pushes out 35 watts of transmitting power. What does this mean? No more radio traffic interference or conversation jams. Everyone with a two-way radio in Solera can clearly talk to or listen to another resident with a radio.


Question:  This famous ham invented a legendary music device that was featured on the album "Switched-On Bach". Who is it?

Answer: Robert Moog

K2AMH, Bob Moog, invented the famous Moog Synthesizer along with some other innovative electronic music equipment. He died in 2005. John McVie is the bass player for Fleetwood Mac. Tom Scholz is the founder of the band Boston and an MIT graduate who has made his own contributions to music technology.

TRIVIA QUESTION THIS MONTH (Answered next month)

Gerson Strassberg, WA2JXX invented this item which no self-respecting geek could have been without. Now, you can probably only find one on eBay. What is it?

This article was brought to you by Ray C. Gayton-Jacob (N6KZM) The Solera Radio Club is part of the West Riverside County - Amateur Radio Emergency Radio Service (ARES) Division/Banning Pass District.