Phone Crosslink Access to Radio System

As you may be aware, Solera at Oak Valley Greens has an Emergency Communication Radio System.  All residents have access to the system and an FCC license is not required. The only item required is an inexpensive business-band radio programmed with the system’s radio frequency.  The radios are readily available on Amazon (cost is about $20.00).  To learn more about the radio and our system, visit     

Recently, the Solera Radio Club and Solera CERT installed a computer hub onto the radio system. The hub allows your cellular telephone (Apple or Android) to access the radio system. If there is cellular service or WiFi reception, you will have access. Residents can now talk on the radio system via their phone.  This is referred to as having a crosslinked communication platform.      

Of course, under exigent conditions like an earthquake or other disaster, cellular service and WiFi reception may vanish.  Having an emergency communications radio will allow you to regain that lifesaving component known as “calling for help.”  

How Do I Get Access?

Access to the radio system via a cell phone is accomplished through a FREE application called... 

download the zello app

Once you download the application, create an account, and verify your account via your E-Mail; your Zello app will then be activated.   Open the Zello app and select “Channel” on the lower right corner of the screen.

In the Channel section (your screen may have no saved channels), select the blue icon that contains a “+” symbol. A window titled “Add a channel” will appear.  

In this window select “Scan QR Code” A window used for scanning will open.  Place the QR Code in the window.  

In a few seconds, you will have added the “Solera CERT” channel.  

Once on the Solera CERT channel, you will be in direct contact with everyone listening to the radio system or active in the Zello channel.