Serving the Residents of Solera

The Solera Radio Club (SRC) was initially established as a way for residents to learn about the hobby of amateur radio. With nearby radio clubs like the San Gorgonio Pass Amateur Radio Club (SPARC) fulfilling the hobby niche, the Solera Radio Club (SRC) switched from a hobby club to a service club. Members are focused on providing an emergency communication service to the community and the residents of Solera; especially with the probability of a failing cellular telephone infrastructure during a disaster event. 

According to cellular engineers at AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, here are the causes for a lack of service: 


The most likely culprit for these causes to occur are natural events (earthquakes, high wind events, and fires). Also, human influence can be a factor in the causes (maintenance mishaps or deliberate sabotage).

To mitigate the potential loss of cellular communication to the residents of Solera, SRC members privately funded the installation of two high-powered radio communication systems.  Club members are poised to mentor residents in the use of the Solera Emergency Communications Radio System (SECRS). They will also share information via SECRS regarding events occurring in Solera and Banning Pass events that may impact Solera.


The Solera Radio Club (SRC) has started using for membership management and notifications.  HamClubOnline (HCOL) is a powerful online tool with many features including online club management, membership renewal, club elections, club roster and much more. One of the best feature is the issuance of ALERTS via eBlast and SMS Text. Text alerts and voice alerts will come from phone number +1-734-373-7373.

To get started with you need to have an account, or if you were an active SRC member as of January 2024, a HCOL account was created for you using your email ID that was on file.  If an account was created for you and you didn’t see an email from you can recover your password from HCOL using your call sign or email ID and  then login.

New HCOL users or members can use this code ​hnccgamgcjf7h to join SRC online via HCOL.

HCOL is operated by a third party – if you need to change your email ID or have any other technical issues you can contact HCOL support here.Additional HamClubOnline info can be found online at:

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