The Solera Radio Club was initially established as a way for residents to learn about the hobby of amateur radio.  Members who are Federal Communication Commission (FCC) licensed amateur radio operators, mentored non-licensed residents in obtaining their license. Radio operators were further educated on upgrading their license to the next level of radio operating skills.  An upgraded license allowed operators to use high-frequency or HF technology and talk to others around the world.

With nearby radio clubs like the San Gorgonio Pass Amateur Radio Club (SPARC) mentoring fledgling amateur radio operators, the Solera Radio Club (SRC) chose to concentrate more on providing a service to the community and the residents in Solera. Members are now more focused on the probability of a failing cellular telephone infrastructure. 

According to cellular engineers at AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, here are the causes for a lack of service: 


The most likely culprit for these causes to occur are natural events (earthquakes, high wind events, and fires). Also, human influence can be a factor in the causes (maintenance mishaps or deliberate sabotage).

To mitigate the potential loss of cellular communication to the residents of Solera, SRC members privately funded the installation of a high-powered radio communication system.